Welcome to Tiny Footprints Academy!

A place where we recognize that every child is as unique as their own individual footprint and each footprint leaves a lasting impression on the earth.

Its our mission to provide an unconditionally loving and enlightened environment positively impacting children, families and staff, and creating unmatched academically innovative programs that acknowledge every child as unique as their own individual footprint.  

At Tiny Footprints we understand that school is where every child spends most of their time and receives their first impressions of life, outside their home. We recognize that school is the foundation of early childhood  development.  It is our vision to develop, inspire, and bring awareness to every childs’ whole and unique self, giving them permission to leave lasting impressions on the earth. 

With that said, it’s easy to see what sets us apart. Our innovative learning environment, steps out the norm. Tiny Footprints Academy  program is focused on educating the whole child, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With that in mind, we not only develop the traditional academic subjects such as math and literacy, we move beyond. Children will have the opportunity to develop their social–emotional, physical, and cognitive skills. We have strategically created a curriculum that integrates the knowledge and expertise of our PhD accredited staff, the HighScope and Creative PreSchool Curriculum and our very own PEP program and Co Curricular Programs. 

From the age of infancy we are preparing our children for Pre -K and the world beyond. We understand that Pre-K sets a strong foundation for the school years ahead and future success inside and outside the classroom.  Tiny Footprints Academy comprehensive, research-based curriculum is carefully designed to provide a rich academic foundation and foster child creativity, confidence, and independence.

We recognize that Learning is a joyous experience. Especially when you foster growth based on who children are, their unique footprint.

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