CoCurricular Activities:

FOREIGN LANGUAGE – Spanish, French, Mandarin

At Tinyfootpints we understand that exposing children to foreign language at an early age develops(Starr google why foreign language is important specifically for infants – toddlers)


Research shows that when young children play with musical instruments, specifically percussion instruments, it can be very valuable to their development. 

Playing with instruments helps: 

  • Build fine and gross motor skills.
  • Support sensory development. 
  • Enhance hand-eye coordination. 
  • Teach patience and perseverance. 
  • Accelerate brain development. 

At Tiny Footprints Academy we will be introducing your child to some of the best musical instruments for toddlers. Some of the instruments will include maracas, pianos, cymbals, bongo drums, tambourines, and wood blocks. 

Get ready to jumpstart your child’s musical journey and help them sing in tune, understand music & play their first instrument.

VISUAL ARTS/DRAMA – info to come

DANCE/PE – info to come

PEP Program

(Project Enlightenment Program).  Tiny Footprints created a newly innovative learning environment that steps outside the norm. It’s geared to those families who are willing to begin a journey of child development through enlightenment.  We base our curriculum on our specialized PEP program A program specifically designed for Tiny Footprints to increase optimal development of young children by providing a unique blend of high quality, individualized services. These services focus on preparing children academically, emotionally, socially, physically and mentally through methods of critical thinking, problem solving, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.  PEP performs an assessment of each child and is designed to recognize each individual child at their soul level, and build upon that from as early as 12 weeks and well beyond. Parents, teachers and students will learn to guide and nurture your child based on who they are and how they learn.  Not how society or we as parents and teachers may impress upon them. Through PEP Parent-child, Teacher-child relationships will undergo a beautiful transformation that goes long beyond Tiny Footprints.

Every child has a soul purpose and it is our purpose to ensure that their light remains bright as they present their unique self to the world.

From 6 weeks through Pre-K, our dedicated teachers offer warm encouragement and wise guidance every step of the way. With low teacher-student ratios in every class, we are able to provide each child with individual attention and a loving environment that builds a bridge of support between school and home.

Our kind and nurturing teachers are trained and committed to foster, nurture and nature every child’s development, based on the PEP program, making Tiny Footprints different from any other early development program. In every classroom, children will be surrounded by an environment that was intentionally created to enhance their learning from a subconscious and conscious level. The colors, sounds, scents  and other sensory aids were selected with the purpose of creating a loving, positive, joyous, yet serene learning environment.A program that focuses on 5 core spiritual lessons. Thus, shaping Tiny Footprints as a school of enlightenment and self awareness. 

Some may hear the word Spiritual lessons and question what exactly are we referring to. To be absolutely clear it may be better understood if you remove spirituality and replace it with the word Life, Life Lessons. Truth is,  all humans have a spiritual dimension. Whether you have religious preference or denomination is not what we focus on, all denomination or non-denomination choices are respected at Tiny Footprints Academy. You don’t have to believe in a supreme being to teach your child the great spiritual lessons. Whatever your beliefs, there is one thing we understand you want for your child and we want to foster. For your child to know that their life is sacred, that their choices matter, that nature deserves a certain reverence, that their presence in the world contributes to joy and goodness, that things have a way of working out (not always as we expect), that the greatest joy usually comes from connecting and sharing with others, that being uncomfortable can push us to grow, and that while we don’t always get what we want, we can always choose to make the most of what we get. Ok maybe that was more than one thing.

We all have basic life lessons that we want to pass on to our children. Lessons that foster who they already are and will give them a solid foundation to navigate through this huge world, called life.